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November 2023 line up...

November 3rd/4th playground zone

November 9th whispering screams

November 10th/11th the scarecrows

November 16th the jack butler society

November 17th/18th static

November 23rd shoot the lights out acoustic

November 24th/25th curious george

November 30th the hoggaroos


december 2023 line up...

december 1st/2nd powerhouz

december 7th *private event, no band*

december 8th/9th flatline phoenix

december 15th/16th Red mile high

december 22nd/23rd playground zone

december 29th/30th static

december 31st nye party with flatline phoenix


january 2024 line up...

january 5th/6th playground zone

january 11th coveralls

january 12th/13th shots fired

january 18th big pharma

january 19th/20th throttle up

january 25th rome in a day

january 26th/27th tickle trunk

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